Villa Cargnacco
Home In Front of the House

1 Vestibolo
Entrance hall

2 Stanza del Mascheraio
The Mask Wearer's Room

3 Stanza della Musica
Music Room

4 Stanza del Mappamondo
The Globe Room

5 Zambracca
Dying Room

6 Veranda dell'Apollino
Apolonian Veranda

7 Stanza della Leda
The Leda Room

8 Bagno blu
Blue Bathroom

9 Medicine Cabinet

10 Stanza del Lebroso
The Leper's Room

11 Corridoio della Via Crucis / Cloister

12 Stanza delle Reliquie
Relic Room

13 Oratorio Dalmata
The Dalmation Oratory

14 Scrittoio del Monco
Room of the Mutilated

15 Officina

16 Corridoio del labirinto

17 Stanza della Cheli

18 Cucina

Villa Cargnacco
Kritiken 7 Termine

Female guide: “The mask wearer's room. The room has its name from the verse which can be seen to the left of the mirror, written by d´Annunzio on the occasion of a visit from Benito Mussolini in May 1925: 'To the visitor: do you carry the mirror of Narcissus with you? This is lead glass, oh Maskwearer. Mould your mask to your face. But don't forget, that you are glass against steel.' In the corners we find a grammaphone and a radio.”

Mussolini: “We facists do not have a preconceived belief, our doctrine is action.”

D'Annunzio: “I know that you are in the process of resolutely rebuffing that thug Adolf Hitler, that man with his bloated rabble face under that irremovable veneer of chalk and glue into which he dipped his brush, no, let's say the tassle at the end of the stem, on the rod, that serves as sceptre to the cruel Bajazzo. The forelock of this brush gets right up to the root of his Nazi nose.”

Male guide: “A talk under three eyes as d'Annunzio used to say, jokingly referring to his optical handicap. There are records here, including jazz music, foxtrot and rhumba. The most popular songs were those by Josephine Baker.”

Whisperer: “Cultural emcee, harbinger, announcer, poet, prophet, aesthete, collector, connoisseur, proclaimer of bric-a brac, junk, sado-erotic symbolism, archaic language, liturgical vocabulary. State art, state television, scholarships, elitists, scene-shifter, symbolistic staginess, incest, pure men, self proclaimed popstars, figureheads, impure women, relics, props, souvenirs, maxims, mottos, rugs, wallpaper, painted discs, dimmed lighting, proclamations of yearning, visions, awakenings, representations, disgust of the word, mannerism of action, greed for gestures, rituals and attitudes, automatic memory, furious thirst for action, beastly savageness. Dozing, stimulus, potency, superiority, speed, depression, mutilation, illness, confusion, destruction, opulence, superstition, fetishism, strength, conquest, agressiveness, death cult. Unstoppable marches, the arrival, the scent of bayleaf, burning delirium, the warriors, the true fire, the speech, the longing faces, a race made from flames, the choirs, opened lips, flowers, laurel, naked daggers in fists, shouts, run of the cohort, daggers aloft, meat roasted on ember, leaping flames to the faces, delirious minds, Rome, the destination. Fantasms, pictures, myths, battling with the muses, cocaine, laudanum, fits of rage, paranoia, high fever and a runny nose, excitement, weariness.”

Heinz Emigholz