Villa Cargnacco
Home In Front of the House

1 Vestibolo
Entrance hall

2 Stanza del Mascheraio
The Mask Wearer's Room

3 Stanza della Musica
Music Room

4 Stanza del Mappamondo
The Globe Room

5 Zambracca
Dying Room

6 Veranda dell'Apollino
Apolonian Veranda

7 Stanza della Leda
The Leda Room

8 Bagno blu
Blue Bathroom

9 Medicine Cabinet

10 Stanza del Lebroso
The Leper's Room

11 Corridoio della Via Crucis / Cloister

12 Stanza delle Reliquie
Relic Room

13 Oratorio Dalmata
The Dalmation Oratory

14 Scrittoio del Monco
Room of the Mutilated

15 Officina

16 Corridoio del labirinto

17 Stanza della Cheli

18 Cucina

Villa Cargnacco
Kritiken 7 Termine
Female guide: “The music room. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive rooms of the Prioria, not just because of the treasures that furnish it but also for its atmosphere. The indirect light (fruit bowls and pumpkins made of murano glass and an assortment of lamps) creates the necessary solemnity for listening to music.”

Male guide: “The columns are actually arranged in a counterpoint design.”

Female guide: “On the left stand two grand pianos, both of which were played by d´Annunzios lover, Luisa Baccara. The whole room is filled with precious objects including oriental statuettes and chinese furniture.”

Male guide: “D'Annunzio fell out of the window of this room on the 13th of August 1922 and suffered serious head injuries. Little is known about the accident, an enquiry was initiated but no clear explanation could be found for the cause of the accident.”


Heinz Emigholz