Villa Cargnacco
Home In Front of the House

1 Vestibolo
Entrance hall

2 Stanza del Mascheraio
The Mask Wearer's Room

3 Stanza della Musica
Music Room

4 Stanza del Mappamondo
The Globe Room

5 Zambracca
Dying Room

6 Veranda dell'Apollino
Apolonian Veranda

7 Stanza della Leda
The Leda Room

8 Bagno blu
Blue Bathroom

9 Medicine Cabinet

10 Stanza del Lebroso
The Leper's Room

11 Corridoio della Via Crucis / Cloister

12 Stanza delle Reliquie
Relic Room

13 Oratorio Dalmata
The Dalmation Oratory

14 Scrittoio del Monco
Room of the Mutilated

15 Officina

16 Corridoio del labirinto

17 Stanza della Cheli

18 Cucina

Villa Cargnacco
Kritiken 7 Termine
Female guide: "The Leda room. Gabriele d´Annunzio´s bedroom. The name comes from the mythical legend of Leda and the swan.This room, too, contains many objects: virtual statues, mementos, chinoiserie, cushions and oriental carpets. On the ceiling verses by Dante Aleghieri."

Leon Laleau: "Cannibal. The wild wish, in certain hours, to mix blood and wounds with twitching gestures of love, and perceiving in the frenzy of bites, the everlasting taste of kisses, the lovers moaning, the sighs, the torture. Ah, this unstilled desire of my ancestors, the cannibals."

D'Annunzio: "I was given a small box of ointment to treat frostbites today. It belonged to Captain Pagliano. A wonderful warrior: handsome, decisive, clever. He had used it. The imprint of his finger-tip can still be seen in it. I will use it tonight. What will make us happy when we stop killing and destroying."

Male guide: "The full meaning of it will reveal itself in the presence of a woman only.The twentieth century seems so distant when she passes by The Prisoner, cigarette alight, blurred in the same magic: magic of the past."


Heinz Emigholz